Thursday, March 12, 2009

36 - 24 - 36

Look ye below - I try my hand at art
I couldn’t deny; the end might be a fart
With this, I proceed to admire women’s curves
Something every despo IITian feels he deserves

Voluptuousness can be a pleasant source of heat
Holding the sausage hostage can feel really sweet
It’s something every man thinks about everyday
Otherwise, rest assured, he’s got to be gay!

God has always played the gender game
But for this, hallowed be thy name
With a waist so titillating and nice
Oh Such beauty! It arrests all eyes

Moving on, I marvel at that round ass
A slick thong looks so amazing on a lass
Young children, old men, all shall deprave
As It can awaken an immortal from his grave

For such grave lewdity, kindly cut me some slack
Using euphemism and nicety in verse, I a tad lack
But look above and you’ll realize what’s inside
Few lines a bit narrow, others slightly wide

The love for curves, I did try to manifest
Truly speaking, in joblessness and zest
Next time, better verse I shall employ
For now, just glance above and enjoy