Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Forces

The air tells me
It does not need
A trip inside
That fluid I bleed

Water tells me
While I drink down
Fun it is to
Within me drown

The fire keeps quiet
Yet calls my name
And shimmers away
To join its flame

When forces call
One must pay heed
Bodies so frail
Maggots shall feed

Sunday, June 20, 2010


No ventilator open
Not a window ajar
No door letting light
Through some tiny scar.

My room I'd locked
As Erebus dark
Now I see here and there
many a strange claw mark.

Befuddled I was
Till I realized
From Satan knows where
Mysterious Rodents materialized.

Is "All your Base..." in Squirrel-speak.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Curse Of Hubble

In my room
All alone
Blade in hand
Heart of stone
Free from all
Worldly cares
Grades and life
Haughty stares

Slit that wrist
writhe in pain
Molting till
I see that vein
So much gore
Hands went numb
The beating heart
Now went dumb

True rapture
I don’t know why
Is felt when you
Are going to die
When times are bad
Within your life
You pray to God
I to a knife

Why wait for Thee
Be by your side
When you can just
Try suicide
Be happiness
Your final goal
Take thy life
And free your soul

Monday, June 7, 2010


Not exactly Haiku. But inspired by it nonetheless.

Entranced by the night
The friendly moon, the calm star
The dead winter tree

Sharp icicles hang
Like stalactite; their tips shine
What beauty indeed!

The tip melts away
Drops tinkle as they hit ground
Like an angel's harp

The chords subtly change
A deadly darkness descends
The red drapery falls

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Sketch and concept: Eeshan Malhotra

The sound of the surreptitious slither sends shivers down spines
His dark coat is indeed invisible, his skin however shines
So think twice before you decide to pull off some frivolous fraud
You are never far enough from this garrulous gastropod

He inhabits the deepest gutters and inhales through his slimy skin
He operates from the very bottom of the gaudiest garbage bin
His movement is a collection of many a node and anti node
The Annelids say he's a smooth, suave yet notorious nematode

Some say there's a dragon contained somewhere deep inside him
For his eyes are forever fiery, and his face forever grim
The Hemichordates say that he is the One, for he has a spine
His countenance so divine, is revered in many a shrine

He chased the Kraken around the world, through fire, through snow
He conquered the Conqueror Worm of Edgar Allen Poe
And bearing its skull on his jelly fingers on Poe he placed a curse
And Poe never did write more of his horrid verse

How his accomplishments came about became a mystery to most
When he peed his pants on seeing Casper the friendly ghost
Now the question that arises is, "where are the pants he peed?"
And what follows logically is how he would plant his seed

I only ask the reader to show some patience and some grace
For more WormMan tales, you need only watch this space
The next post will describe how he killed another mighty beast
At the very least, at the very least

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vitreous Humour

I try to catch you out the corner of my eye
But out of my field of vision you fly
You have been with me since the day I was born
Whether I was joyous, angry or forlorn
You have stuck with me more than my own family
Then why must we meet so surreptitiously?
I wouldn't call you the apple of my eye
But a significant position, you do occupy
I catch glimpses of you every now and then
Wandering by yourself out in the open
Calmly and carefully, I attempt to give chase
Yet somehow you always avoid my gaze
Then as I look away, I glimpse you again
Knowing well all efforts will be in vain
I think and strategically improvise
'pon a spot on the wall, I fixate my eyes
I disregard the pleas of my lacrimal gland
For I know, in time, before me you'll stand
As you investigate the source of the apparent fuss
I realise my eyes I need to refocus
Faster than light, I refocus my eyes
But I still cannot catch you by surprise.
From dawn to dusk and from dusk to dawn
This blatant injustice goes on and on
I'm at my wits' end, I bawl and I weep
At a day gone in failure, I must go to sleep
All day long, you have played games with me
Oh but what a glorious thought, an epiphany!
Your bitterness has begot my vengeance so sweet
I shall make no attempt at being discreet
I shall go to sleep and ignore your frantic screams
O floater in my eye! You shan't enter my dreams!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vogonic vituperations

O ostentatious omnivore!
So subtle, so sick.
Which wicked wanking whore
Does daily devour dick?

Frequently fornicating fairies
Had hitherto heard how hot
Candy could cause caries
To the teething tiny tot

Euphemisms elicit efforts
From feeble facetious foes
As an amicable angel asserts
Hermits have horrible hoes

White wanderers who wantonly wear
Violet vests villify vogons
Barbaric barbers beneath bare
Masks murder most malodorous morons

But base bitterness befits bigots
Poetry portrays pulchritude
To the tiniest teething tots
In infantile ineptitude