Monday, June 29, 2009

The Development of Pharmacogenomics

The Development of Pharmacogenomics

I am a student of Aerospace engineering who's almost an Aerospace engineer. However, at the behest of one belonging to the fairer (notice how they are often very unfair) sex, I have had to write the following verse (it not just bad, you see). Its about the Development of Pharmacogenomics, or rather, my views thereof and is, in typical fashion, titled "The Development of Pharmacogenomics". My knowledge about Pharmacogenomics rivals that of Sohail Tanvir. However, I can proudly say that I can attempt to illustrate it by means of a poem while the latter might just resort to crude means like kicking you in your nuts, at being asked about it. So, The Development of Pharmacogenomics.

That "one man's meat is another's poison"
Is a saying oft heard.
But with this idiom, in the minds of some
A few thoughts thus concurred.

"That which holds true for food might just
Hold true for medicine.
One's cyanide, if by another tried
Might act as Penicillin."

So after designer homes and designer clothes
Designer rugs and designer mugs.
If all goes fine, and as per design
We'll soon have designer drugs.

The need for this I shall question not
For it is beyond all doubt.
I might then sound silly, but should we really
Nature's will openly flout?

The advent of drugs has seen a marked increase
In the types of dreadful germs.
With diseases from birds, pigs and sheep herds
We have still not come to terms.

What might happen, I shudder to think
When a person represents a disease.
That to a person maybe endemic, an entire epidemic
Puts my mind to certain unease.

I know not much, in fact I know naught
And I've argued without any clue.
But the thought does haunt, for I do not want
A disease to be named Bharat Flu.

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  1. the theory of therapy is indeed
    one of principles of much perplexity
    as you debate,and others oppose
    complex formulae to compose and impose
    and that riddle of godplay and humanity!!

    (and that is my contribution to vogonity, as good (or bad) as it gets...but nice work!!)