Thursday, November 12, 2009

For "Srikanth", who decided to write his name on the inside of the door of a toilet in my hostel wing.

So one day I walked into the toilet and found a disgusting sight awaiting me. I shall not describe the sight for want of a passion for eliciting vomit from my readers. Having dealt with it and finally having accommodated myself as comfortably as possible in a 3'x5' cubicle, I chanced upon the name "Srikanth" on the door. A fellow who writes his name on the toilet door is worthy of an ode, I thought. And with the thought of the sight, that had greeted me just a minute earlier, fresh in my mind, this is what happened. Read on.
I, Srikanth, was ostracized by my group
I could do naught but sit here and poop
I was ignored for I was considered lame
My friends felt hanging out with me was a shame
I am a loser who forgets to brush
To pee, to bathe and also to flush
Forgetting to flush is a heinous crime
But the loser that I am, I do it all the time
So ,the next time I excrete here, the undigested remnants of what I ate
This toilet will regurgitate.


  1. A poem on poop, by you, oh so right
    I'm sure you enjoyed the aforementioned sight
    For it's your name
    And it's claim to fame
    That makes us puke with all our might

  2. You, who try hard to be all smart and litty
    From behind the drapes of anonymity
    Your punctuation sucks, your language is crass
    You shall be known hence as "wannabe smartass".
    You will suck try as hard as you might
    To compete, you'll have to be more erudite.

  3. Srikanth's behaviour is really mean
    Warn him! For the next time if he's seen
    Coming out in a rush
    Having forgotten to flush
    You'd better make him like the pot clean!

  4. oh god, I am not poetic, so I will use prose which is my tool. Sir a poem on poop?

    Well glamorized though, and well liberalized such Mr Srikanth. Hope his name adorns some other toilet-somplace somewhere.