Saturday, May 22, 2010


Sketch and concept: Eeshan Malhotra

The sound of the surreptitious slither sends shivers down spines
His dark coat is indeed invisible, his skin however shines
So think twice before you decide to pull off some frivolous fraud
You are never far enough from this garrulous gastropod

He inhabits the deepest gutters and inhales through his slimy skin
He operates from the very bottom of the gaudiest garbage bin
His movement is a collection of many a node and anti node
The Annelids say he's a smooth, suave yet notorious nematode

Some say there's a dragon contained somewhere deep inside him
For his eyes are forever fiery, and his face forever grim
The Hemichordates say that he is the One, for he has a spine
His countenance so divine, is revered in many a shrine

He chased the Kraken around the world, through fire, through snow
He conquered the Conqueror Worm of Edgar Allen Poe
And bearing its skull on his jelly fingers on Poe he placed a curse
And Poe never did write more of his horrid verse

How his accomplishments came about became a mystery to most
When he peed his pants on seeing Casper the friendly ghost
Now the question that arises is, "where are the pants he peed?"
And what follows logically is how he would plant his seed

I only ask the reader to show some patience and some grace
For more WormMan tales, you need only watch this space
The next post will describe how he killed another mighty beast
At the very least, at the very least



    Pecked by a pigeon
    Cruelly through
    Half of him crawls away
    As the birds feed on the rest

    His whole life flashes before this half
    As it slowly slithers away
    Remembering wormly
    The times it had spent with the other.

    It's not easy to rhyme when you're dying
    Therefore these memories are not notable poetic accomplishments.

  2. I'm feeling a little sorry for having made short-worm of your superhero. But you could still detail his life and times in flashback, the achievements and experiences that led to such a glorious end. Or, if you wish, even make him wake up from a nightmare (to perhaps later be sprinkled with a pinch of salt and see his body melt away, only to wake up from another nightmare, to get stamped on by Batli, to wake up from yet another nightmare...)
    Or if you don't wish your superhero to suffer from morbid complexes, it could be the dream of WM's arch-enemy, shortly after which the latter wakes up to find wm by his bed, and eventually ends up in some inwormary.

    Possibilities are plenty, I'm sure you could come up with something very nice. Or just let it be.