Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vitreous Humour

I try to catch you out the corner of my eye
But out of my field of vision you fly
You have been with me since the day I was born
Whether I was joyous, angry or forlorn
You have stuck with me more than my own family
Then why must we meet so surreptitiously?
I wouldn't call you the apple of my eye
But a significant position, you do occupy
I catch glimpses of you every now and then
Wandering by yourself out in the open
Calmly and carefully, I attempt to give chase
Yet somehow you always avoid my gaze
Then as I look away, I glimpse you again
Knowing well all efforts will be in vain
I think and strategically improvise
'pon a spot on the wall, I fixate my eyes
I disregard the pleas of my lacrimal gland
For I know, in time, before me you'll stand
As you investigate the source of the apparent fuss
I realise my eyes I need to refocus
Faster than light, I refocus my eyes
But I still cannot catch you by surprise.
From dawn to dusk and from dusk to dawn
This blatant injustice goes on and on
I'm at my wits' end, I bawl and I weep
At a day gone in failure, I must go to sleep
All day long, you have played games with me
Oh but what a glorious thought, an epiphany!
Your bitterness has begot my vengeance so sweet
I shall make no attempt at being discreet
I shall go to sleep and ignore your frantic screams
O floater in my eye! You shan't enter my dreams!!


  1. I think, all you need is a good pair of spectacles that may help you see stuff clearer!

  2. Clarity of vision I have and more
    The lack of that is not what I abhor
    Haven't you seen these pieces of crystal so shy?
    That seem to occupy the corners of your eye?

  3. To see the hidden meaning in the comment is what you lack,
    But well, that is also suppose to be a knack!
    Shyness is a virtue that is NOT me,
    To look beyond the obvious, duty of the eye be!

  4. seemed you were hallucinating. Did you see her again??

  5. The comment you have made is so spectacular
    Every hidden meaning to me is naught but a blur
    Since the talent for me is not innate
    Would you be so kind as to elaborate?

  6. Being or acting dumb seems be your innate quality,
    Wonder if smartness is now but a rarity!!
    Dint you catch her catching a glimpse of you when she saw you from the corner of her eye?
    I now bid adieu, this is my final Goodbye!

  7. Pardon my paucity of pudency but Pooh! Pish! Pshaw!
    Your deep elaborate theory has but one tiny flaw
    Lo! Behold! Watch as the story does unfurl
    This poem has nothing whatsoever to do with any girl.
    Turn up, look to the skies, one day and train your eyes
    You seem ignorant of facts so this may be a surprise
    In a short while you shall notice many a circular spot
    Which, to the center of the eye, will refuse to be brought
    Those crystals are the only things that I describe to thee
    How you see depth when there is none, frankly escapes me.

  8. I thought it was open to interpretation for all !! but anyway Ditched !!