Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vogonic vituperations

O ostentatious omnivore!
So subtle, so sick.
Which wicked wanking whore
Does daily devour dick?

Frequently fornicating fairies
Had hitherto heard how hot
Candy could cause caries
To the teething tiny tot

Euphemisms elicit efforts
From feeble facetious foes
As an amicable angel asserts
Hermits have horrible hoes

White wanderers who wantonly wear
Violet vests villify vogons
Barbaric barbers beneath bare
Masks murder most malodorous morons

But base bitterness befits bigots
Poetry portrays pulchritude
To the tiniest teething tots
In infantile ineptitude


  1. if this is poetry..
    god make me language impaired!!

  2. be that as it may be
    why have you yourself not declared?

  3. I am the one who shies away from fight..
    surely, don't want to take on your might ...
    you, my dear know me only too well
    guess,think now,does it ring a bell??

  4. Oh not a bell, an almighty gong it rings
    All I wish to say is that
    Get your jet skis and a pair of wings
    For I challenge you to Mortal Kombat!