Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ridiculous, Random Ramble Resembling Rhyme

Always avoid alliteration
Stupid sycophants say
As animals are anxious about
Giraffes growing gay

Vivacious voluptuous virgins
Make me masturbate
Unlike ugly unbecoming urchins
Show seemingly sorry state

Loafing little llamas
Have horrendously huge hair
Pretty people precariously pity
Using used underwear

Xenophobic xylophonists
Make magnificent music
I infrequently infatuate in
Damsels devouring dick!


  1. Akhil's attempt at Alliteration

    Don't disown D's,
    R's resonate robustly,
    Still, some seldom cease
    Plugging prudent publi.

    Bub baba's blog -

  2. Nice rhyming.
    Funny story I WUD SAY. U fainated with giraffes, babes an llamas. lol

  3. Yeah, of vogonity we preach
    are fainated with stuff that's weird
    whatever that means