Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Absent Fiend Rebuttal

Bharat proves that he is out of rhyme
As he pains me to write time after time
But the fellow must realize why I'm choosy
As I don't treat verse like treating a floozy

Bharat, for his sins, now shall pay
As he's enraged the Lord of Verse today
His poems will be lost in carnage and chaos
Before that, Ankur and Ali, enthu for Cryos?


  1. Rajat is either totally blind
    Or is absolutely out of his mind
    Blatant is the fact he refuses to see
    That almost every poem here is by me

    At my accusation, Rajat has turned sore
    But he treats verse like he treats a whore
    He has hundreds on his comp & gets more everyday
    But he never sees them, for he is frikkin gay.

  2. Washing dirty linen online?
    Dear friends,not a good sign!