Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the wall.

Mirror mirror on the wall
Why the hell am I so tall?
Or why the hell are you so low
That I've to double up, to settle my brow?
When I look at you straight , I see my knees.
I can admire my shoes with consummate ease.
On them shoe polish I can easily anoint.
But that, my mirror, isn't your point.
To see my face I have to lift you.
But you are heavy and I have but two
Hands, which, when thus employed
Can't settle my hair, leaving me annoyed.
So dear mirror, since you are low
You certainly have to go.


  1. Tried mounting it somewhere high?

  2. Oh my friend, I can but sigh!
    Such are the laws the world works by
    We resort to anger, tears and lies
    But never ever do we realise
    There exists the proverbial pinch of salt
    Or we're the ones who are at fault.

  3. Try shaving off your hair
    no problem once it's all bare

  4. The poem is not just what you see
    Look deeper, I implore.
    I wrote it and if you ask me
    It means a trifle more.

  5. Anonymous doesn't seem to appreciate your poetry
    Perhaps we should tie him to a banyan tree
    And strip him to his bare bottom
    And spank him till we rot him
    Maybe then he shall reveal his true identity

  6. Yeah to question my authority he does dare
    He also has no trouble with "it" being bare
    We can infer from it, whatever we want
    So let us, his dreams, forever haunt.