Thursday, February 19, 2009


The journey started at the torrid turbine
It shall end tomorrow, as per design.
As the end of this judgment week draws near
At these mundane exams I still laugh and leer
I have seen them off without trying hard
Or muttering words muted and starred.
If testing me, Sir, is your ultimate aim
Find other ways, for these are too lame.


  1. Test you he shall, o' friend
    Do not relax, this isn't the end
    Vivas and presentations, we have next week
    Of composites and foul air your body shall reek
    But the week after that shall be the a lot more fun
    Watching our friends getting screwed in the election

  2. So! Other ways he's already found.
    Oh the horrible humungous hound.
    I bet he drools and secretes saliva
    At the prospect of the vitriolic viva.
    And yes we'll laugh at many a peer.
    As the date of elections draws near.
    On the black cloud it's a silver lining.
    For some action I have been pining.