Saturday, February 14, 2009


After a hectic academic semester grip
My mind yearned for a relaxing trip
To Pakistan. My parents weren’t really amused.
At first they disallowed, but were now confused.

Disrespecting, I took an early morning flight.
Despite warnings at dinner the previous night.
I landed, and to my embarrassing despair
It was reeking with filth everywhere

I asked myself ‘Should I go back?’
But, nay, my mind was back on track
With baggage in hand, will and the urge
A vacation to look forward to; and splurge

I took the local newspaper and sat
‘Indian Leaders playing tit for tat’
was the headline. In dismay, I turned the page
To find more articles on Pakistan’s rage

My trip was short; there was a lot of pressure
To fulfill my desires to an adequate measure
Mohen-jo-daro? Shopping? I couldn’t decide whether
the places are worth it, or am I making heavy weather.

I witnessed the ‘Indus Valley’ in all its bloom
‘Twas my happiest state of mind, I’d assume
Relics, flowing water, it was paradise!
The romance of it all, I couldn’t suffice

It has always been an ancient religious place
Of visitors of every colour and race
European or Indian; how does it matter?
The scenic beauty of the place, sure does flatter.

Alas! The moment had now arrived
To move on with the travel schedule contrived
I rose and washed my hands with care
And proceeded to wear my underwear!

(now read the poem once again with all the puns in place)


  1. There was once a lad from the land of the bongs
    Who started a blog about stupid little songs
    His odour could compete with a porcupine
    But his girl friend thought it was fine
    I wonder if "Pakistan" is where she belongs

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Nay, the lad, he still survives
    In reeking filth, he happily thrives
    You rudely put a porcupine to shame.
    Who never does write stuff so lame.
    And his odour does not take lives.

  4. Hey tell me something, punk
    By porcupine do you mean skunk?

  5. Kindly forgive my zoological mistake
    I am an aerospace engineer, for god's sake
    It's valentines day that brings out the poet in me
    Rhyme, meaning, meter, I do not care about thee
    I thought this blog was about poetry dayaamax
    If that is still so, then I'm crackmax!

  6. ali deserves nothing better than a smack
    his blunder led me off the track
    in a biology exam he'd surely flunk.
    indeed, i was referring to the skunk.

  7. Bravo ali, you make us proud
    You remain subtle, in this world so loud
    Pay no heed to what sayeth the crowd.
    Don't let your talents be hidden by a shroud.

  8. And you who create the zoological fuss..
    Why be you named anonymous??

  9. Thank you o'Bharat for your enthusiastic support
    'anonymous' is nothing but a filthy little wart

  10. Bharat and Ali thats a shame,
    To wordy screw an anonymous is lame,
    I guess she had a point to let the hopes raise,
    I am sorry, could'nt resist adding a phrase

  11. We now know for sure who anonymous be
    Sorry to disappoint, but it's not "she"
    That anonymous would have himself called
    At your accusation, he's seriously appalled.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I never thought one's humble potty
    Could be made so tedious and so knotty.