Saturday, February 14, 2009

HomAge of Empires

The Great Khan and his hideous horde
Left cities grotesquely gutted and gored
And left them flaming in furious fires

Theoderic the gawdy garrulous Goth
His foe's only daughter, did betroth
To fulfil his devious, deadly desires

Attila the humungously horrible Hun
Was brutal and barbaric; he killed for fun
And led entire peoples to their funeral pyres

Oh lets not be such lamentable liars
Lets come out of our quasi static quagmires
As in these turbulent times
We write ridiculous rhymes
Lets not forget The Age of Empires


  1. Age of Empires, what a wonderful game
    good enough to put any other to shame
    I play it when i have the resources
    when I'm done with my boring courses
    The game teaches u real world history
    which remains for me a complete mystery
    I can learn a lot while I play
    even understand how a donkey does bay!
    The poem is quite good, i must say
    much better than the pathetic way
    in which i try really hard to rhyme.
    Absolutely silly is the poetry of mine.....

  2. You can write better, I know for a fact
    Be more profound, keep the meter intact
    Experiment with formats and schemes for rhyme
    I'm tired of using "aabb" all the time.

  3. For any kind of meter, i don't care
    Neither the SI unit for length measurement
    Nor the rhythm in the poem i share...