Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Post Midsem Blues (read Reds)

I hereby declare that I am no troll
But I screwed up flight mech and control
There's nothing special about the screw
For that's just what I generally do
But never have I been screwed up so bad
And that's why I am especially sad.


  1. O' Bharat I feel your pain
    Giving the paper was in vain
    People had me thinking this course was benign
    So now I'm compelled to study Aircraft Design
    As I don't wish to pull a stunt
    Twelve of my credits are with Pant

  2. Worry not, Jerk-ati, friend
    Your worries shall erode with time
    Posting here may not help
    but it'll sure improve your rhyme

    Comments are rhymes, in this blog's theme
    It makes for an entertaining read
    But why a stingy rhyme scheme
    Why the aabb?