Sunday, February 15, 2009

A :Prayer

Oh rocket! Elegance you personify
As you stand majestic and tall.
Its Earth's own will that you defy
You leave her puny and small.

The toughest cower at your booming sound
Your speed shocks Superman
In your wake he is wanting found
And he withers, weak and wan

You generate waves with your unearthly skill
Barriers mean nothing to you
You call monotony what others call thrill
For nothing, to you, is new.

O Lord, you're the one I think about
At your glorious grace I bow
In the morn in the eve, day in ,day out
Do your blessings on me bestow

To money, to power I pay no heed
Those are for lesser men
More profound, O Lord, is my need
For I need a perfect ten.



  1. A perfect ten, such a distant dream,
    With the rocket up your arse, you shall scream
    O' God O' God, please spare my colon,
    I shall become a muggu, and not a vogon.

  2. you had better wait and watch
    the rocket lord shall burn your crotch
    with gases that from his arse will spew
    f**k you, f**k you, f**k you, f**k you.